Hosting benchmark, bogoMips

When you are doing a hosting benchmark there are thousand common parameters all providers suggest to compete against others (size, bandwidth, #databases… ).

The main secret of the providers is the speed. All providers hide this information: CPU speed and number of people hosted on the same server. These 2 parameters can vary, so at the end of the day the important parameter is the real time response.

I found the concept “bogowips”, which is a play on the Linux “BogoMips”. It is short for “Bogus WordPress Instructions per Second”. This concept was created by a WordPress developer that has invented his own criteria to measure it. The utility he has created is this plug-in:

BogoMips comes from Bogo Millions of Instructions Per Second. The results in my case are:

  • CPU Speed: 24.686 BogoWips
  • Network Transfer Speed 4,24 Mbps
  • Database Queries per Second: 1.049

I love the idea but for me it still is not so much credible because I do not know where the average of the other data comes from (it could be the case that they come from dedicated VPS). In any case it is a good idea that I hope that evolves in something more consistent.

I still hope there will be a standard speed measure recognized as standard that enables the community to evaluate the time response of the services they hire.

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