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ILOG Visualization Products

ILOG was founded in 1987 in France, their core business was enterprise software ILOG-logoproducts for supply chain, business rule management, visualization and optimization. Their best in class product was Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS).

In 1997 ILOG acquired CPLEX Optimization Inc.

In 2007 ILOG’s acquired LogicTools. This enabled ILOG to be the owner of a complete line of supply chain applications.

It was acquired by IBM 2009. They re-branded BRMS as IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM). The CPLEX and other tools also had some minor re-branding under the IBM Optimization Suite of tools.

In 2014 IBM sold ILOG Visualization products (JViews and Elixir) to Rogue Wave Software, Inc.

The story will continue…