The Journey Onward to digital business

I assisted to a webinar with different content on the digital business. Some of the concepts and materials shared were interesting, but some others were not new.

This first picture identifies the components of the digital business: the “things”. It’s nice, and it separates concepts and enable you to see along the time or maturity curve.

The Journey Onward to digital businessDuring the same meeting the need of improving the models from delivery to engagement, was exposed in this way:

From-delivery-to-engagementThis second table is not something new in the professional services world, in fact it is a very old concept that is repeated and repeated since years.

The definitions provided are:

  • Instigating: Causing a colleague or team to take action;inspiring new business. solutions through technology.
  • Attuned: Total awareness of business levels; reciprocal business awareness of IT capabilities.
  • Educating: Explaining what is possible in intelligible terms.
  • Partnering: Working with others to address “pull” and “push” demands.
  • Diving: Stimulating demand; developing capabilities in advance of need
  • Attentive: Anticipatory focus on customer needs and demands.
  • Efficiency: Maximizing deployed resources.
  • Consistency: Reliably meeting a set of expectations constrained by a budget, skill requirements, and so on.
  • Responsiveness: Aware of demand and able to address it in SLAs.
  • Timeliness: Responding and delivering on time; meeting commitments.
  • Frugality: Balancing time, cost and quality.

There is also a concept called “Bimodal IT”, which relates to the fact that the capabilities of the IT environment has to be able to: first be enough mature to take care of the new challenges and, second be enough flexible to adapt to changes. The concept itself is not new, and I really think this is more a marketing term to sell at consulting level. We have the bimodal situation since years: lean Vs Six Sigma, Waterfall Vs Agile…

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