Flow, psychology

The flow is something that has been studied since years and I find this mind status important when you are working with other people. You do not need to be a team lead to think about it, it’s just to understand how people is behaving and how they react. I find this picture useful to … Read more

Offense triangle

The triangle offense was defined in detail by Tex Winter, and it has been one of the main tactics used by Chicago Bulls and LA Lakers during the years Phil Jackson was coaching these teams. So, it’s not a surprise to see NY Knicks using it. The system is basic, everybody knows it, the difficult … Read more

Capabilities Vs Assets

There is a common mistake we all do sometimes, and it’s to confuse capabilities and assets when developing an strategy. Assets (brands, facilities, patterns, customer connections, cash…) cannot be center of the strategy of a company. If the assets should be the primary component of a strategy, then any successful company just have to re-invest … Read more

The Journey Onward to digital business

I assisted to a webinar with different content on the digital business. Some of the concepts and materials shared were interesting, but some others were not new. This first picture identifies the components of the digital business: the “things”. It’s nice, and it separates concepts and enable you to see along the time or maturity … Read more

Critical Security Controls

I am not a security expert, and by this reason to read about security aspects is something complex, specially when you want to gain perspective of the area of security it’s being talked. The SANS Institute is a cooperative research and education organization which contains programs for security professionals around the world. They have the … Read more