Strategy drives digital transformation

This is a nice article that talks about some myths about digital transformation.

I like the comments related to:

  • Maturity of your organization: not all organizations can start from the same start line, the level of current maturity is important to understand how drive it.
  • Talent challenge: as in the 90’s the companies wanted their people to know about WordPerfect, Lotus 123… now the people have to increase their skills (again). Nothing new, by the way.
  • Survey about how digital transformation is Today on a dashboard.
  • Taking Risks Becomes a Cultural Norm; why? The digital mature companies knows that today, the costs of inaction almost always exceed the costs of action.
  • It is a transformation, it requires leadership and involvement from leaders of the organization (surprise, surprise!).
  • Beth Israel Deaconess: “I have never seen a technology drive change on its own, culture leads the adoption of technology. Our ability to innovate depends on the impatience of our culture.”
  • Greater integration between online and offline experiences.

The goals of this transformations are not so different to the competitive challenges of the organizations 5, 10 or 15 years ago.


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