The career upgrade roadmap

This book basically convinces you to change the way to find the job you want.

The difference with others I have read is that it proposes you a specific approach with clear steps you have to follow.

One of the main messages is that if you send CVs on any job board, you will compete against 70 – 80 people; if you use this method you will compete against 2 – 3 people.

The proposed road-map is:

  1. Target identification: job titles (define at least 5) with target companies (30 – 40 companies) and location area.
  2. Market validation:
  3. Consistent connection:build relationship with people, connect with them for learning and looking clarity.
    1. Identify the experts: look for people who do these jobs or that have done the job in the past. Get in touch with 10 of them per week.
    2. Try to get introduced through your contacts. If not, get in touch directly.
    3. Meet the person in person or by phone.
    4. Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up.
  4. Craft your career narrative.
  5. Red carpet application.

the-career-upgrade-roadmapAt the end of the day, they suggest you to use your contact list as a CRM, get in touch with people, build relationship and dig into these relationships to find these positions that are never published on the on-line boards. The key aspect is: be persistent.

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