General Mills (GIS)

Some notes related to General Mills (GIS)

1 – November – 2019

Positive things found

  1. Strong hand buying (Konkorde indicator)
  2. Cheap by fundamentals PE=16
  3. Stable volatility.

Negative things found

  1. Cyclical consumer business, now on the low side of cycle.


  • Buy at 51,25$ (Done)
  • Take a look on the channel
  • Sell on 54$

15 – November – 2019

I have sold it at 52,36$. Why? because the McClellan indicator and the AD line was telling me that a bearish market was coming and I made the short decision.

Bad move. Why? Because I had a clear plan and I have changed it. I should have waited till the value evolved some weeks more as it was expected.


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