Customized objects

Old times rituals

From the time I was working on major projects for an engineering company, at the end of the project, a manager used to show up with boxes full of mugs, for the members of the project.

Depending on the project, to have one of these mugs was something important or something embarrassing. They were customized in a local company and as almost all team was at the same office, the delivery was easy. This was a ritual, there were someone that created a meaningful logo, then other that requested 30 or 50 mugs, and that was it. For the members in other locations, their mugs were stored and once someone traveled to that office, s/he knew that some space for mugs was required.

COVID months, isolation

During Covid period, we have been isolated from so many things and this Christmas season I though to do some customized presents for the family: a mug for grandma with the face of the grandsons, and other things like that. Nothing important, just a detail that they can touch and it was something personal.

But how could I do it if we are all in different parts?

After looking for something, I found a global company that does it and I got some ideas for each one. I wanted to order something so I could check the quality of the final product, but what can I do for me?

In November I was doing the translation of the book “Draw your company strategy” and I thought about doing something for the maps. So I finally did this mug:

The result was really good so I decided to build the other ideas I have and sent it for Christmas.

Time flies and this type of presents have been more valuable than expected.

Who does it?

Printful is the company that does it. It’s very easy to build a product, publish on a store or just order one piece. They offer different selling models (for instance you can print 1000 shirts in one of their logistics for a campaign and then distribute them).

For individual products they deliver in different parts of the world. Despite the price is not competitive, for something special you want to deliver, you can make the difference and I am very happy I did it for the family.

Their business model is amazing, and full of challenges, for instance now they are increasing the cost of the products and distribution due to the inflation.

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