Amazon, press release process

This is an example of the gameplay press release process, focused on how Amazon does it (basic explanation).

During late 2020 we saw in many electronic press that Amazon was launching an online pharmacy and that it has discounts for prime users. For example this one:

Curious to see that it is offered to people who do not have health insurance, but do have “Amazon Prime” contracted.

The reaction? the first reaction has been that companies like CVS and Wallgreens (WBA) fall in the stock market, the second has been that twitter has been filled with comments warning of the dangers that this has for CVS, WBA, and other companies in the sector such as Rate Aid.

The funny thing about it, is that Amazon makes these kinds of announcements from time to time, and fills rotating and social networks amplify the noise. Sometimes it’s about Amazon making insurance for their employees, sometimes it’s about pharmacy (in 2019 they actually did it), and so on and so forth continuously.

There are several questions that always come to mind when this happens,

  • What strategy does Amazon follow when it carries out these attacks on specific industries?
  • How does it make the selection of the industry or product to which to maximize revenue and profit?

What is clear to me is that Amazon uses press releases in a conscious way to provoke something. All what they do is analyzed and commented, so the impact they can have with just press release announcements is huge.

Do you remember any other example of this?

Some more news from previous years

From 2018

Buying a pharma-focused courier company, many people think from reading the headlines that it is a pharmaceutical company:

From 2019

Previously in June/2019 there was a small step backward:

In November 2019 there were announcements to put a focus on the pharma industry.

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