Making decisions patterns

This is a card for my poor memory about practical ways to make decisions. The Eisenhower Decision Matrix The classic: Making decisions as in Amazon This is not an official way to make decisions in Amazon, but I found it in “Working Backwards” book and I find it useful. Mindset to adopt depending on the … Read more

Amazon, press release process

This is an example of the gameplay press release process, focused on how Amazon does it (basic explanation). During late 2020 we saw in many electronic press that Amazon was launching an online pharmacy and that it has discounts for prime users. For example this one: The reaction? the first reaction has been that companies … Read more

Amazon, sensing engines (ILC: innovation – leverage – commoditize)

This is an example of the gameplay sensing engines, focused on how Amazon does it (basic explanation). ILC comes from “innovation – leverage – commoditize”, Let others to innovate. Use metadata to identify patterns (leverage). Commoditize the “pre-existing act”. This is the map: The summary about the “Amazon, sensing engines” map: Point 1: shaving machine … Read more

Amazon strategy

Background and purpose This post tries to translate some of the elements of Amazon’s strategy into Wardley Map syllabus. The strategy cycle This is the strategy cycle proposed by Simon Wardley, let’s see how Amazon works its own cycles. 1.- Purpose (who we are) Amazon is guided by four principles: Amazon strives to be Earth’s … Read more