Gaming research

During these last 2 weeks I have been engaged in a research related to Gaming Industry, organized by Simon Wardley.

It has been 12 hours of work with different people and I’m happily have been guiding the conversation with the people of the group that I found more interesting: Game Design and UX

The final view of the work done by all people engaged on this journey (80 – 90 people) has been this:

Game Design and UX

This is the subgroup I picked and this is the final map we worked on:

The first layer map is this simple one, that we kept like this to orientate ourselves.

The second layer map is this one (the final one):

It’s not just maps

I have been reading and reviewing different sources of information offered by the people participating in the conversations, that for me have been very useful.

Areas of investment

One of the sessions were focused on identifying areas of investment taking into account:

  • Return of Investment for the society
  • Return of Investment in terms of capital.

This map was part of the conversation.


Once different areas of investment where identified, we grouped all areas and they were summed-up to get a better overview of what is important for each subgroup:

The final summary of areas of investment are these ones:


As usual, these sessions are very interesting to immersing into new contexts. The fact that I can facilitate these sessions from the mapping point of view give me more practice about how to handle situations where the conversation does not flow into the right direction and find ways to come back and stay orientated.

In addition to that, it’s a great way to learn a lot from a different industry. Don’t take me wrong, I’m not an expert after doing all this, but my view about the industry have changed a lot.

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