Platform “enshitification”

During these days there is one campaign where Twitter has suspended accounts in a massive and targeted manner for Spanish accounts with certain patterns: more than 10.000 followers, daily updates about a niche, and they are not blue or premium.

The advertising business model is very crowded and the platforms have to make a living

This behavior from Twitter is not new, and they are not the only ones doing it. To me it’s in the phase 3 of enshitification:

Ok, but what are the 4 phases?

Phase 1: honeymoon

Here you identify yourself as a user, they treat you as such (they need many to be relevant and for the platform to make sense).

The money comes from direct investment (always look at capital flows). Happy days for the customer, it’s like a honeymoon.

Phase 2: squeeze 1 side (the providers)

Users continue to feel like users (great!), but suppliers are being squeezed, direct financing is being cut and investors are asking for real results.

Phase 3: squeeze 2 sides

User’s service is degraded (as they squeeze the provider) but also the lines of income created are not enough.

So the company has to look for new avenues.

Users are suddenly seen as assets that can be used to monetize the platform:

Phase 4 alternate the increase in negative tension

The platform alternate the increase in pressure from one side to the other. In this way everyone considers themselves screwed and thinks:

“they are screwing me, but so is the other!!”

Both sides are trapped by the ecosystem (the moat), and the platform needs to measure the number of user and providers they lose with respect the actions they take.

Always keeping the real client as happy as possible.

As users we can always ask ourselves:

“well, I’m not willing to let myself be bribed, I’m leaving”

Some do it (and in fact they have done it on Twitter) but they are early adopters, not the majority.

The platforms know this and that is why they continue to squeeze/screw…. all they can!

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