Apple 1 trillion valuation

This week two relevant events happen: Apple reached 1 trillion valuation in stock. Who will be the second? Facebook jumped from 629B$ to 495B$ (on the picture, jump to 510B$). A link if technical events by date (in Spanish) :    

Amazon list

This table is an non quantitative analysis of the companies and industries that will be threatened by Amazon. It’s a completely personal opinion that I update from time to time. 2015 Barnes and Noble (Books). Staples 2016   2017   2018 Amazon and other companies start an insurance company (impact forecast in 5 years: 2023). … Read more

Keep track of space

how many thousand things you can see here. It’s amaizing Created by Theodore Kruczek to help visualize orbital calculations for application to Ground Based Radars and Optical Telescopes. Based on the original work of James Yoder. All information is open source publically available information. Orbits are derived from TLEs found on public websites. Payload … Read more


The event, This Christmas I went to a friend’s home, they had Alexa at home. At one point I was curious about how it worked and what type of things you can ask Alexa. Play music, ask about weather, add products to the shopping cart, define an alarm to get up… What stunned me the … Read more


BAD_POOL_HEADER is not the title of a film, it’s not the code to enter into a system, it’s an error from Windows 10. It comes with a beautiful blue screen, not a simple electric blue screen such on Windows 3.11. and it also adds an emoticon like this:  🙁 I thought that new generations would … Read more

Organizational debt, DevOps and OpenSource

A debt is a debt, it’s something you acquire to be able to acquire other capabilities or values in a market, product, behavior… Every company have this type of debt with more or less exposure. This debt can be excess of organization (typically a big company) or lack of organization (commonly a start-up). Companies acquire … Read more

The destruction that goes beyond

Business leaders who adopt the attitude that anyone is replaceable, thinking they can simply hire someone with a greater skill set or someone with a more prestigious pedigree, are fooling themselves. There are some employees that cannot be replaced, and that when they disappear from the company, they carry with them value that simply cannot … Read more