Using a stand-up desk

I built a stand-up desk some years ago for Michele, but I have decided to give it a chance and see how it works. I will take note of the different feelings I have with it during the first weeks. Let’s see if it works or not. Week 1: I was able to work on … Read more

El juego del inbox zero

Este es un correo para una amiga que se enfrenta a la virtualización de su puesto de trabajo, y se encuentra que es capaz de lidiar con todo menos con el correo electrónico que es una herramienta que tiene muy mal uso y que se come todo el tiempo del mundo. Por eso, el juego … Read more

Scion Asset Management

Scion Asset Management (, managed by Michael Burry, I found this video where they describe the positions where they are invested at the end of 2019: Water and agriculture I have also read about the investments he has done on Water and agriculture companies: American Water Works Co Inc. Danaher Corp Xylem Inc/NY Pentair … Read more

Siete semanas

Dicen que la vida te puede cambiar en un segundo, a mi me cambió en siete semanas. Siete semanas de darse uno cuenta que nada volverá a ser igual, siete semanas de asimilación, siete semanas con mil cosas por expresar, pero no saber por donde empezar, siete semanas para disfrutar de cada minuto que tuve … Read more

Productivity and timing

I have read 2 articles that contains some sentences I want to remember. One of the articles talks about productivity (, the other one explains how the motion of the modern lives are affecting the internal clock of the individuals ( Tool “Pedestrian Aggressiveness Syndrome Scale” to measure how aggressive you are in your moves. … Read more

Bikes in the offices

What do I have in a travel week So many of us travel often, we have a routine, and there are some basic things that are common to all of the work travelers. You arrive to an airport, go to the hotel, go to the office, come back to the hotel, and at the end … Read more

The new way

Now that I’m figuring out what to do next, and I’m having different discussions about where the things are going out, this picture came to my twitter, impressive,