Who is against Reach?

As you can imagine, the path to approve REACH legislation has not been easy.

Greenpeace report shows how the chemicals industry is fighting to maintain its privilege position in the use chemicals substances without adequate control of the Use, Exposure and waste of them.

1.- Deny the Problem,
2.- Create fear over job looses and economic costs,
3.- Cripple the legislation through bureaucracy,

Main detractors:
– German Goverment,
– US Goverment,

2 thoughts on “Who is against Reach?”

  1. That’s an old report. Some other facts…

    Even though REACH is now LIVE and European LAW, agreed by the Chemicals Industry since June 2007, the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) has still not delivered the systems necessary to allow industry to carry out its responsibilities.

    These are promised to go live on the 1st June 2008, with limited scope and functionality on the first day that industry has to start Pre-Registering its substances.

    In realisty, industry is working hard with the agency and CEFIC to support implementation of systems and supporting tools that will help industry to implement and abide by REACH.

    I suggest you research a little more about what the industry is actually doing right now to support REACH rather than just cut and paste two year old propoganda from Greenpeace.

  2. I feel confidence about the knowledge I have about REACh, I’m involved in a project related to all packages of communications that make a company REACh compliance and to lead these works a good knowledge of the law is necessary.

    If you have the opportunity to see the impact of REACH in some budgets you will know what I’m talking about.

    Yes, with the new version of the estimated efforts decreased for Upstream and downstream companies, but it’s still a lot of effort.

    I’m so excited to see how is the evolution of the pre-registration event and see what’s the real work they are doing.


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