Best Practices of Agile focused on Management

Take into account I’m learning about it, but I would like to summarize a short list of thoughts:

  • Customers have to be active part of the project. They have to be involved in each revision of the project and take decisions about the scope of the project, approach, tailoring…
  • The intermediate deliveries with working functionality have to allow the customer to get working with the software and let them to take decisions about the path forward of the development. This is the moment to decide the details on usability, functionality, details… or to change the way suddenly.
  • Risk Planning and mitigation plans have to be reviewed continuously.
  • Quality plan and quality actions have also to be evaluated continuously due to the changes in the scope or in the deliverables.
  • Both documents have to be easy to read.
  • Monitoring & Controlling tasks suppose more % that in Projects managed with regular methodologies.
  • Clarify to everyone who is accountable for what and by when.
  • Keep open to hear about anything.
  • The problems, independently of the origin (technical, procedures, management…) cannot be hidden. The ability of being accountable of the team is key.
  • Build positive teams.
  • Training about Agile methodology is needed for team and stakeholders.

I will continue reading about Agile. I suppose that later on I will change the content of this list.

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