REACh, Communication Center

Part of being Reach compliance is the communications you need to registry and organize.

All this work requires you ask initially all these questions:

  • Which kind of communications do I need to perform?
  • Which stakeholders are involved in these communications?
  • How am I go to perform them?
  • How am I go to manage the answers?
  • How am I go to ensure the right storage of all the communications?
  • Can I automate them?
  • In this automation, can I extract automatically some information for the UEW?
  • What are the procedures I’m going to create for all this work?
  • How can I save money in all this effort?

We were working on all these questions during 2.007 and now we have a tool that answers how we can do it. It has been a deep business analysis work and I have learned a lot.

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