Domino.Doc Vs Quickr

Reading Paul Mooney’s blog I have found this post related to the tittle, and I couldn’t stop writting there. I feel very affected by this inheritance, 🙂 ———————————————–Domino.doc is that tool that all that has used it has hated it (at least a little bit).If you look for technical information in the Internet, there is … Read more

Reviewing Internal Processes

Working on a contract for 2009 I’m using the Preliminary Project Scope Statement process for defining the scenario of it. The client’s account lead is new in the process and one of the things that is doing the process slower is the lack of knowledge of this person in these kind of contracts. Really it’s … Read more

Liquid Planner Tool

Reading PMThink! I have discovered this tool: liquidplanner, it has allowed me to discover how a tool facilitates the management of the concepts handled in this kind of management. I like: It’s a SaaS and all its advantages, It’s not only a planner, it allows you to add documentation, collaborate through discussions. Each task is … Read more

Server Virtualization

During this week I have had the opportunity to assist to a Server Virtualization conference. I would like to emphasize some considerations the speakers mentioned: Before to virtualize a server you should perform an application analysis before the infrastructure analysis. Why? First, applications are much more constrained during virtualization from support perspective. Second, when virtualizing … Read more