Domino.Doc Vs Quickr

Reading Paul Mooney’s blog I have found this post related to the tittle, and I couldn’t stop writting there. I feel very affected by this inheritance, 🙂

Domino.doc is that tool that all that has used it has hated it (at least a little bit).
If you look for technical information in the Internet, there is nothing new from years ago. This is a little bit frustating.

Nevertheless there are a lot of people who is using this tool daily and they cannot live without it.

Part of my job is Documental solutions offering, with Documentum, Domino.doc… and Dom.doc has its own defined niche and it’s difficult to compete against it in that niche.
The only thing I hope is that migration to Quickr will be planned by IBM as easy as possible.

I have had used Quickr in Lotusgrenhouse and as it looks like, in part as Domino.doc, I think it’s a good entry point for a lot of people to get introduced to the Web 2.0 applications. Believe me, there are a lot of people they don’t know what is this and they work in our companies.

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