Painting Industry (OEMs)

The industry of the paints is very specialized as all other industries.

The painting companies works as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) distributing their products in different ways and clients.

One of the major portion is the set of paints done for big car manufacturers or other industries; where the amount of the purchase orders are typically high. There are different coating types that are classified with thousand of features. At the end of the day each car manufacturer works with the OEM on the specifications individually with a set of already defined coatings range.

The requirements definition, quality tests and the agreement of the final product is an interesting and complex process.

Car manufacturer uses the same coatings with different qualities and features so they can save money: it’s not the same price for a high bake paint than a low bake paint, outdoor/indoor, insulated/non insulated, corrosion resistance… and the color! for sure.

The car manufacturer typically makes a lot of pressure to deliver the paints on time at one place. Just in time principles are easily applied to OEMs agreeing financial penalties if the manufacturer does not deliver (easy, isn’t it).

For the manufacturing of paintings in small amounts the SLAs are less aggressive.

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