Lesson 5, the limit between your application and the SharePoint product

For sure you implement an E2E solution for your client but there is a limit in all of this.

For instance, we have faced infinite and recurring discussions about relative links.

In this project, the documentation stored in the solution has been linked with relative links, so once that it’s exported and sent to auditors, they can work from there properly. In addition people accessing from windows explorer can also work with it.

The only problem is users accessing through WebApps: relative links does not work.

This fact has been seen by the client as an stopper for the good integration with the end-users.

You can explain that this is a limit of the SharePoint product, but again and again they will come back to you with phrases such: “…you have not the enough expertise…”, “…this specific request is written in the project definition” (where??)….

A good thing is to open a ticket in Microsoft support. then they send you a signed report saying: “this is still not implemented”, and then the complaints stop.

All the lessons learned about SharePoint does not try to complaint against this product. It is just my lack of knowledge what is making me to see it as something I have to really learn how to govern.

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