SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions offer organizations with solutions that address risk management, corporate governance and regulatory compliance.

Key points to have in my mind:

  • Understand the impact of Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Control the type or nature of the risks and their volumes
  • International goods (purchase /sell)
  • Enable an approval chart that reply to your organization charts.
  • Keep an eye on the approval times: you cannot be competitive approving things in 3 weeks when you were doing in one day in the past.
  • Manage information flow in all directions.
  • Ensure that data is kept secret and private.
  • Implement your business strategy through the enablement of actions on GRC.

All these activities remind me some years ago when I worked in a project service for all the governance rules of the company I worked for. They had 101 rules at that moment to govern all the different aspects of the business in a risk controlled way. All these concepts, rules and mechanisms are the same here.

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