Small town big hell

There is a Japanese proverb which says “small town big hell”. Comes to mean that in one environment everyone know each other; and therefore know who’s boss, who was afraid of him, whom he respected, who laugh, who say nothing.

Big communities, big companies, big neighbourhoods are composed by small circles that are similar to small towns.

One of the characteristics of these small towns is the isolation. They cannot compare their problems with the other towns and suddenly a minor issue turns into a big trouble.

The company office where I am is a small town and the hell here is big. The number of people is growing up, but the structure is similar to an small town when we are already a medium size city. This is having the people more busy pointing to other mistakes than to have the common issues solved.

Fortunately, there have been some changes in some mid-management areas where new blood is working with a positive approach and a “can do” attitude that is solving short term issues and old problems that nobody wanted to solve.

Unfortunately this makes there are some collateral consequences in the middle, one of them is some people (primary excellent people) out of these circles have already decided to leave the company, even when they are seeing that some changes are coming, they are already tired of continuing with some old situations and they prefer to leave the small town and try other town, even when they know that all small town can be a big hell.

Change to the right direction is key, but unfortunately some people leave the boat before.

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