Enterprise Applications on AWS: SAP

I can access to the Amazon Partner Network and some of the interesting stuff you can find there is training and product information.

I did the one related to SAP, and there are some topics very interesting:

  • SAP invites to use the BYOL (Bring your own License) model for creating environments into AWS. You can also use pay per use payment, but is limited. This has been, is and will be the hottest topic in the relationship between the 2 organizations since years.
  • SAP controls the way to implement their systems on AWS with SAP Notes communications and guidance documents through their own channels.
  • They make difference between certified and non-certified implementations. This is a tricky thing for me.
  • The recommended way to migrate to AWS platform is to export/import the database on a new installation.
  • Before to implement it, they recommend to read a bunch of SAP Notes.
  • They recommend your own SAP installation better than the pre-build solutions you can find in the AWS marketplace.
  • For calculate the right size of your environment, they recommend to do it with SAP Quick Sizer tool. This is an interesting topic that I’m willing to know: how is the real performance?
  • For the implementation you can use AWS instances: Standard instances, EBS-optimized instances or cluster compute instances. For sure the last one is the best one, but if you are supposed to move to AWS to save money, you really want to take the right one without losing performance.


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