10 ideas to organize you EA

This article written by Mckensey is so much useful, read it, do not read my summary; the list below is just for my memories.

The summary is, companies do not agree on what is the main focus in Enterprise Architecture (EA) management.

  • Some companies are focused on continually measuring IT performance and adjusting business processes and systems as needed.
  • Others focus on alignment of the overall IT architecture with those of the individual business units.
  • And other companies focus EA leaders who promote collaboration and accountability among teams in IT and business functions.

Who is right? probably all of them.

Anyway these are the list of ideas:

  1. EA should reflect the organization of the business (P04).
  2. The company should be clear about who is accountable for EA decisions (P04).
  3. The EA department should collaborate closely with the business and the IT organization (P06).
  4. The EA department should keep strategy-related tasks separate from operational ones (P01).
  5. The company should give the EA department approval rights (P04, ME4).
  6. The company should keep accountability for elements of the enterprise architecture in one group (P04, ME4).
  7. The company should analyze and measure the effects of enterprise architecture on the business (ME1, ME2, ME3).
  8. The EA department should keep it simple.
  9. The company should use one tool to rule all elements of the architecture.
  10. The company should invest in EA leaders.

I have added some weird comments to the list (P01, P03…), the reason is that the 10 points made me think about the Cobit framework and how these ideas are implemented by Cobit. Each one of these marks are related to the framework.

Ok you could not avoid to read the summary and avoided the article, read it, the source of data is very good.

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