Discovering Kik

I have been reviewing Kik, specially the ability to create your own bot.

You interact with the development environment through a bot that adds you into the development environment and that guides you about the next steps you can perform to create a bot and a bot user.

It is interesting to see the bot store, and discover the maturity of the community.

It’s interesting to review the code of a basic bot, and review the kikAPI.

I learned that WhatsApp is against the creation of bots in its platform. So, they did their best to avoid any bots in their platform. If you manage to create a bot for WhatsApp, then it violates the WhatsApp terms and conditions. When WhatsApp is aware of your bot, the corresponding mobile number will be banned from WhatsApp and make your whole effort useless. WhatsApp is planning to support business through business accounts in middle 2016.

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