The event,

This Christmas I went to a friend’s home, they had Alexa at home. At one point I was curious about how it worked and what type of things you can ask Alexa.

Play music, ask about weather, add products to the shopping cart, define an alarm to get up…

What stunned me the most…

While so many companies are calling customers by phone or knocking the doors of millions of homes, paying salaries to all these people doing commercial actions; suddenly Amazon makes some of these customers to pay 175$ (I think right now is around 110$) to have a commercial guy at home. To me this is genius.

Idea for future

Alexa is in reality stablishes a basic interrelationship, you make direct questions and the robot replies them, having limited the type of interaction you can have.

Imagine that you can acquire a service where Alexa turns to “John, the basketball supporter of the New York Knicks”, and while you are watching a game in the TV, you can comment with John how the game is going on, ask John what is the best score game of that young player in the University, etc…

How many people that have nobody to talk would benefit from this?

How many roles can be created to increase the interaction with specific human behaviors that are looking someone to talk to?


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