Texas Instruments

Notes related to Texas Instruments (TXN) 12 – November -2019 Positive points founds Fundamentals are healthy Management team buys stocks at the end of year. Negative points found High volatility due to China’s issue with customs duties. Strong hand selling in the weekly chart (Konkorde indicator).


This entry is a set of notes related to Lyft. 12 – November – 2019 Positive points found Strong hand is buying. Q3 data improves the date when Lyft will be profitable. Price < EMA 50 Low debt company. Future cashflow value of the company estimated in 150$ Individual insiders owns 5% of the company. … Read more

O Realty Income, notes

This post gathers notes related to a long position I am working on O Realty Income (O). 12 – November – 2019 Positive things found Strong hand buying. SPX continues going up, waiting for a correction. Negative things found Entry price over EMA-50. Very expensive PE > 60 Actions: If price <EMA50 = second long. … Read more

Systematic trading by Robert Carver

I was looking for a trading book that goes beyond to the typical basic concepts and that send messages as “this is the book that will make you millionaire”. Well, this is the first book I found with this characteristics. Very complete one, and complex enough that is going to force me to review many … Read more

Squeeze Momentum Indicator by LazyBear

Squeeze Momentum Indicator by LazyBear is a volatility indicator that I discovered in TradingView. https://www.tradingview.com/script/nqQ1DT5a-Squeeze-Momentum-Indicator-LazyBear/ This is a derivative of John Carter’s “TTM Squeeze” volatility indicator, as discussed in his book “Mastering the Trade” (chapter 11). Black crosses on the midline show that the market just entered a squeeze ( Bollinger Bands are with in Keltner Channel). This signifies low volatility , market … Read more

Anticancer, a new way of life

I had this book in my list since a couple of years or so, finally I read it once a sibling was affected by the disease. It’s a very valuable book independently of the circumstances. I was happy to discover that I was doing so many positive things to prepare the ground to avoid the … Read more