Reaching Cloud Velocity: A Leader’s Guide to Success in the AWS Cloud

I bought this book because I knew there were some mentions to Wardley Maps, and I was curious about how they were used by AWS people.

When I received the book I was a little bit disappointed, as the book just contain a chapter where they introduce Wardley Maps as part of the business transformations they are used to perform in different companies they work with.

But here is the point, the whole book is an explanation of how to transform your company into a cloud based company, focusing on all aspects.

This left me a little bit bitter taste too, as Transformation and Transition Manager, I have done this type of work and all was very familiar to me, and my expectation was to find something completely different that let me learn.

The book is a good guide of all the aspects that you should have into account when doing a transformation such it. And it contains specific target models about how the target operating model can be and should be managed.

As in all transformations, this is a business topic not a technology topic, it was always the case.


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