Uptime platform

The reason I like this type of solutions

I studied electronic engineering and at the end of the degree I did a project to obtain the grade related to maintenance in an industry factory. I implemented a solution based on Lotus Notes where you could schedule the preventive maintenance activities, track the incidents, the inventory, link the inventory of machines with the incidents and extract different reports from different angles (I did it with XML).

All data was manually entered and the decisions about predictive maintenance were done using the experience of the people working with the machines. The introduction of data available was in that time something to help engineers to make decisions and improve their decision making process.

By that reason, when I see new maintenance solutions in the market or other relative initiative I like to dig in.

Uptime Platform

This time the program Horizon 2020 from the European Union launched this Uptime Platform.

For sure this solution is more complex and versatile than my small solution. The concepts are the same ones (I read a lot of books about production maintenance and the concepts are similar).

These concepts, extracted from here, are similar to what I did in 2001.

The major change is the approach that Industry 4.0 provides to the way to gather data and analyze it. From technology point of view the major differences are:

  • Gather data directly from sensors.
  • Use of machine learning models to predict events, trends and potential issues.


There is no so much information related to the architecture,


Implementation roadmap

They have published some business cases that contain some relevant information about how to implement a solution based on UPTIME platform. For instance:

I have been looking for the technology used to build this solution but I was not able to find anything that go in deep, the only presentation with some data is this one. Ubitech seems to be the company delivering the platform.

Texas Instruments devices have been used for tracking data in some of the prototypes and the scheme below is the only technology I found related to the UPTIME platform software:

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