Class ‘WooCommerce\PayPalCommerce\Compat\PPEC\DeactivateNote’ not found

I have this error on my WordPress environment while I’m configuring paypal payments on the Woocommerce environment.

The problem

When i do a check out of a product and click on payment. Once the paypal credentials this error is shown:

[INVALID_REQUEST] Request is not well-formed, syntactically incorrect, or violates schema.


The Woocommerce log returns this error:

CRITICAL Uncaught Error: Class 'WooCommerce\PayPalCommerce\Compat\PPEC\DeactivateNote' not found in /home/xxxxxxxxxx/public_html/

Actions done

  1. Check with hosting service if there is any connection issue. No apparent issue.
  2. Check with Paypal support about the issue, and review the configuration of the environment. No apparent issue.
  3. Check with Woocommerce the error shown above: they replied me that the error is related to a partner, they send the issue to that partner. They do not mention the partner name.
  4. Who is the partner? Paypal. Their answer is: this security issue is not caused by this plugin, so you will need to figure out what is causing that.
  5. Check with the hosting service. They point to this class: Class ‘WooCommerce\PayPalCommerce\Compat\PPEC\DeactivateNote’ not found , so I have to comeback to Paypal tomorrow.
  6. I come back to Paypal support and now the answer is different:
You are right, the PPEC does point to the PayPal plugin, but not our plugin. I believe this points towards the PayPal Express Checkout Plugin. So it would be a good idea to see if anything is left of this plugin on your site. Maybe install/uninstall it to make sure this “DeactivateNote” is created.

So I will remove all paypal plug-ins and I will start from scratch again.

There are 2 plug-ins available:

Paypal support recommends me their plugin ( WooCommerce PayPal Payment) because it will be supported after March 2022. Checkout Payment Gateway is already sunset and the support will end on March 2022.

Same result.

So I remove all the plug-ins, I remove the sandbox and live configuration in paypal developer and I start from scratch.

Once I configure the whole thing, it works in the sandbox, but it does not work in live.

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