What does mean AI for the Digital Platforms?: a new blue ocean of legal loopholes

Digital Platforms are very competitive, and it’s not only due to technology.

Lack of awareness and laws make them to act as in the Wild Wild West.

The main map

I have created this first map using not only the competitive landscape but also extending to the social and public space.

2 main factors I see:

  1. There’s a legal loophole on the platforms
  2. There are 2 OODA loops, one is faster than the other slow

Point #1, There’s a legal loophole on the platforms

In all mature industries there is a complex legal framework about how these industries can operate. This does not happen in the Digital Space.

The main reason is society does not claim it, the second reason the countries, in general, do not have the knowledge and mechanisms.

Point #2, There are 2 OODA loops, one is faster than the other slow

    • Green = loop where society recognizes a need and law and order acts once the law acts, the need of “have rights protected” is satisfied. This is the “Slow” loop.
    • Pink = the platform works over the line of legality and learns how to evolve to other legal loophole space. This is the “faster” loop.

    A society that is educated in FOMO and other addictive techniques of retention provoked by platforms take a lot of time to understand this is going against their rights.

    At the end of the day all is reduced to the ability of companies, societies and governments to learn at the pace of the faster entity.

    The faster player are usually the companies, but the ones on Digital Platforms are much faster and benefited from lack of regulatory framework.

    If you want to reduce it to the maximum, EDUCATION is the key concept on almost all components of the map.

    Some examples:


    These are the reasons due to I consider the AI as the new blue ocean of legal loopholes.


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