Nepal & come back

Nepal, Great Country Sir, if you have the opportunity to visit it, don’t hesitate, does it. Mainly if you love mountains, the trekking we did on Annapurnas was amazing. You will find pleasant people that always are delighted to attend you and all the “tourist” questions you have for them. I use to be a … Read more

I have found this blog, and I have read more than 10 articles without stop. Added to my reader, this guy is very eloquent and the background very good.

Mosaic Project Services Pty Ltd.

As I have discovered from Glen Alleman’s post , the site Mosaic Project Services Pty Ltd. is a worthy place to get resources. The first one recommended by Glen is “Scheduling in the Age of Complexity,” I continue reading the 23 pages of the paper.


This is something I have read from an external resource and that is taking so much time from me: C-RUP is part of the development paths available in CSC Catalyst. All these paths are part of the Enablement process.

Life Cycle Costing (LCC)

When you work on new solutions for your company, the adoption of a life-cycle costing approach is mandatory. LCC requires decisions during R&D phase. Just at this moment is when you need to start the LCC analysis. A silly example, you are working on R&D and you have 2 designs for a solution; both requires … Read more

The Back of the Napkin

I have read this book interested in the idea of improving my knowledge in communication skills. I spend so much time building slides and adding some new perspective/style to the slides was other reason to read it. The idea around the book is oldest than the wheel, but the way each detail add a meaning … Read more

The Top Ten Misconceptions for Performance and Availability Monitoring

Great Article to review concepts -> Link You only need real or syntethic user monitoring You can model your environment manually. Monitoring software needs to reside in house. The Configuration Management database (CMDB) is a single physical repository of all knowledge. A Company’s infrastructure monitoring strategy can operate in its own detached silo. You need … Read more

Reviewing Internal Processes

Working on a contract for 2009 I’m using the Preliminary Project Scope Statement process for defining the scenario of it. The client’s account lead is new in the process and one of the things that is doing the process slower is the lack of knowledge of this person in these kind of contracts. Really it’s … Read more

Server Virtualization

During this week I have had the opportunity to assist to a Server Virtualization conference. I would like to emphasize some considerations the speakers mentioned: Before to virtualize a server you should perform an application analysis before the infrastructure analysis. Why? First, applications are much more constrained during virtualization from support perspective. Second, when virtualizing … Read more