Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) A calculation of a company’s cost of capital in which every source of capital is weighted in proportion to how much capital it contributes to the company. For example, if 75% of a company’s capital comes from stock and 25% comes from debt, measuring the cost of capital weights … Read more

Supply-Chain Operations Reference Model

SCOR is a process reference model is considered as the cross-industry de-facto standard diagnostic tool for supply chain management. It has been developed by the Supply-Chain Council (SCC). SCOR is a management tool, spanning from the supplier’s supplier to the customer’s customer. The model has been developed by the members of the Council on a … Read more

Building a SaaS model

We have a tool for contract management activities that implements our processes in a very good manner and that is aligned with our project management best practices. The issue with the tool is very easy, is on a legacy environment. I have been working on an analysis in different directions: looking for market products, study … Read more

Lessons learned, SAP Technical upgrade assessment

This assessment has been a very accurate exercise for defining the right approach for the technical upgrade, the reasons? Our customer wants to save money on the project. They want to understand how much can be saved in terms of infrastructure investment. They want to fit the solution with their SAP environment, looking for potential … Read more

My toolkit

Toolkit I have been using these 2 last years is being different to the one used in the past. Now I work with: Pipeline file Risk & opportunity plan Agenda and contact list Forecast sheet for teams Rolling forecast sheet Capabilities sheet Control book by Asset Id and portfolio Allocations sheet P&L files Imagination Something … Read more

Reading to learn

I use to learn with the resources I have available. One of them is too simple and effective, and it is just read good examples of the real life. When I was developer I used to read code. When I was analyst I used to read requirement documents, function analysis, and technical analysis. During my … Read more

Occupational Health

I assisted to a great session where the different processes related to Occupational Health were reviewed. In summary, so much data to organize, the implementation of the processes depends on the product you choose. In the business case we have for it, we have to cover Europe, a place where our customer is implementing all … Read more

PHP, files permissions

Sorry, I need to remind this information: Read 4 – Allowed to read files Write 2 – Allowed to write/modify files eXecute 1 – Read/write/delete/modify/directory user group world7 5 5r+w+x r+x r+x6 4 4r+w r r These 2 sentences assign the security of the folders to 755 and files to 644: find top/directory -type f … Read more