Occupational Health

I assisted to a great session where the different processes related to Occupational Health were reviewed. In summary, so much data to organize, the implementation of the processes depends on the product you choose. In the business case we have for it, we have to cover Europe, a place where our customer is implementing all … Read more

PHP, files permissions

Sorry, I need to remind this information: Read 4 – Allowed to read files Write 2 – Allowed to write/modify files eXecute 1 – Read/write/delete/modify/directory user group world7 5 5r+w+x r+x r+x6 4 4r+w r r These 2 sentences assign the security of the folders to 755 and files to 644: find top/directory -type f … Read more

Playing with Joomla

Somethings to remind when using Joomla. 1.- problem: I want to hide some componets The default login form in Joomla is managed through a built-in module called Login Form. To enable/disable this module, you have to go to the Joomla admin area > Extensions > Module Manager. 🙂 2.- problem: I cannot change global parameters … Read more

Sugar CRM configuring e-mail settings

During the configuration of Sugar CRM 6.0.3 I find one problem. I have created one user and after enter all information in the document.I click on “Reset Password”. After that, this message is shown: Please check: -SMTP Server URL and Port -SMTP Username and SMTP Password -Recipient Email Address -Your server status I have reviewed … Read more

Dogs of the Dow

“Dogs of the Dow” or “High Yield 10” is a popular investment strategy that recommends buying the Dow stocks with the 10 highest dividend yields at the beginning of the year. The basic strategy suggests putting an equal amount of money into each of the 10 stocks; although there have been variations that include proportionate … Read more

Neighborhood association meetings

Today we had a meeting with the neighbourhood, in summary a perfect place to do not reach any agreement. It’s the perfect situation where 12 parts are not able to align the details of the same goal. It has been a good exercise to try to align all objectives, try to seek in what are … Read more

Learning about mid-range activities

V2P process Virtual to physical migration or V2P, is the process where you can migrate an existing virtual machine and migrate its files and configurations into a physical machine. The team is doing it because there are business needs that cannot be done with the VMware farm: this has to be upgraded and the procedure … Read more

ECETOC, European Centre for Ecotoxicology and toxicology of chemicals

Original information http://www.ecetoc.org/overview What is ECETOC?ECETOC is a scientific, non-profit making, non-commercial trade association with a mission to act as an independent, credible, peer-reviewed technical resource to all concerned with the identification of research needs and provision of scientific rationale for the assessment of health effects and environmental impact, and thereby to justify industry’s licence … Read more

Roger Shank, about learning and education

Reading the newspaper, I found an article about Roger Shank, who was visiting Spain to give a lecture, show La Salle´s online MBA program… and I was interested to read a little bit more about it, so I looked for more information about principles, vision… I found the lecture (42 min.) done in Barcelona, Some … Read more