Anaconda, configuration

Python Data Science Platform I have installed this Anaconda environment with the purpose of performing the backtesting activities I’m working on with Python. The process It’s easy to install and there is nothing you have to configure. You just need to start coding and working on it. The user adoption for the notebook is quick, … Read more

Quantitative trading on cryptocurrency market Q2

This is the second chapter of a learning process that started last September. Second Quarter The second step is defined for the next 3 months, where the main goal is to define a specific strategy of quantitative trading and work on it with real money on crypto currency market. Following the V2MOM model: Vision: Have … Read more

Hello world in quantitative trading

Since I started on this field the focus has been to be able to build a set of I found this training course with the slides posted, where Michael Halls-Moore explains the basis of the backtesting with Python and Pandas. Things to remind Taxonomy of trading strategies: forecasting, mean reversion, momentum and high frequency trading. … Read more

Python, Good morning

Good morning is the name of a library that enables you to download data from stocks related to fundamentals. I have uploaded the GIT file on my eclipse and I have shown some basic data in a data frame. This was something initially easy. My goal is to draw data in a monthly basis for … Read more

Zipline, for trading simuation

Zipline is an open-source algorithmic trading simulator written in Python. I have installed Zipline library with pip, in my case, as I’m using PyDev I went to Window>Preferences>Python Interpreter>Install/Uninstall with pip Once I have tried to use it, I was not able to find the quick way to build the basic code I wanted, so … Read more

Intro to Python for Data Science

DataCamp offers a set of courses oriented on programming and data scientist. I found some basic courses about python that have helped me to understand how the language works and practice with a good balance of theory and exercise. Intro to Python for Data Science, is the free course that enables you to understand how … Read more