The Worst Question a Salesperson Can Ask

I enjoyed this article, it’s written in a very nice way and it drives you where they want. I, but I have a different opinion about the number of times the question can be the worst one you can pronounce, in the majority of the times this is the more useful one “What’s keeping you … Read more

Linkedin, lead builder

If you upgrade your linkedin account to one of the sales subscriptions, you will have access to Lead Builder, that allows you to create and save lists of prospects. So, they are also enabling freelance and individual sales people to use linkedin as a CRM solution. You can define search criteria by role, territory… and … Read more

The challenger sale

Found from a summary of this book: What’s the secret to sales success? If you’re like most business leaders, you’d say it’s fundamentally about relationships — and you’d be wrong. The best sales-people don’t just build relationships with customers. They challenge them. Insight #1: There Are Five Kinds of Sales Reps. It turns out that … Read more

Capabilities & Credibility

You have a sales catalogue, know people who perform some of these solutions and the people behind this delivery. But with respect your customer, do you have the necessary credibility? has your customer confidence on your acquired commitments? The capabilities of your company can be bad or good, but they will be there for a … Read more

Selling SAAS to the wrong people

A drastic way of showing a sales scenario. An IT lead visit one of his providers to talk about SAAS and he comes convinced that cost reduction is one of the benefits he is going to get. His CEO is pushing him to reduce costs and SAAS seems to be the new IT trend will … Read more

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough

This Abert Einstein’s phrase helped this week to discuss with one colleague while building a sales presentation. The main issue with the presentation was that the concept about what this presentation wants to show was not clear. Once the concept was understood, the model, value proposition… and all te other slides were easy to understand. … Read more

Buying Vs Selling

I have been reviewing the client value cycle empathy guide used by our methodology, and one of the key elements they repeat and repeat is: “Understand the buying process, not the sales process.” Easy? Yes, but they remind you are going to forget it 🙂

Developing PMO Solution

In the process of developing our PMO solution there have been some interesting exercises that cleared the status of the solution: We made a SWOT analysis which allowed us to understand better our position and the things we need to improve: alternative tools, better knowledge of our local market… We calculated the price of different … Read more

Sales presentation

I continue working on the material for the solutions we are working on. Preparing the sales material is an interesiting process I’m enjoying. First, I have done a presentation with a lot of slides, presenting different ideas, concepts and typical sections these material uses to have. After to review it with the solution manager, we … Read more