Strategy Safari

This is a hard to read book, as it goes through the 10 schools of strategy the author considers valuable to review. And he reviews it in deep. I’m happy to have found this book and at the same time, I would be happy to have found this book 10 years ago. Anyway, if you … Read more

how will cars be refueled by 2032?

Background and purpose The raise of electric vehicles (EVs) is something we all have clear, I think that there is not question about that. Cities and roads are full of gas stations, and they are part of the environment (for good and bad reasons). Will they survive to this shift to EVs? How they will … Read more

Burja mapping

What is it? It’s a stakeholder analysis tool where power, vitality and alignment is being considered. It’s not a replacement of Wardley Maps, it’s a complement to Wardley Maps. All concepts around a Burja map happens thanks to the Empire Theory, and the consideration of power. So let’s start with it. Empire theory Empire Theory … Read more

The finite and infinite game

This is the title of a book written by James P. Carse. On that book you can find that there are different attitudes you can have on the game. These strategic attitudes define the approach. We can apply these attitudes depending on the context, but what is crucial is to detect what are the other … Read more

Weak signals

When discussing about future scenarios, we figure out assumptions, boundaries and characteristics that could make such scenario to happen. Related to this, the appearance of these future scenarios depends on signals: strong and weak signals. A strong signal is a phenomenon or thing that causes evident changes on the scenario. For instance, COVID-19 or a … Read more

Identifying and breaking down inertia

Purpose of this article I am going to theorize about a phenomenon, inertia. When theorizing I am going to leave many things behind, but this simplification often allows the listener to differentiate what is important from what is superfluous. The context Things rarely happened as planned, in a world where information is asymmetric and many … Read more