Organised Services Operating Model (OSOM)

The Organised Services Operating Model (OSOM) is a template operating model to help organisations adopt a service-based approach. More information here: and here: For questions related to that, you can be in touch with Steve Purkis: You can use it in any context, It uses Wardley Maps. It digs into the operational … Read more

Playing to Win, by Roger L. Martin

I just finished reading this book. I picked it because I wanted to find a different perspective about strategy and some of the posts I have read in Medium from the author where appealing to me. The strategy approach proposed by Roger Martin has thousand of details and I would like to save these diagrams … Read more

Zalando, a Wardley map about how they play the game

This map is a draft map I did just checking the different web sites Zalando has for different purposes. This company continues evolving and gaining presence in the online retail business in Europe, and to understand the culture, main components, and other features is something I wanted to understand. The map Let’s start with the … Read more

Strategy videos

This post is a collection of videos where I’m participating or driving some 2020 December = In Spanish , Revisemos mapas de Wardley, with Gerard Chiva. 2021 September = Wardley Mapping: Managing your career, with Krzysztof Daniel. October = In Spanish, presentación del Cuaderno de trabajo para dibujar estrategias. November = Map Camp use case … Read more

IT Strategy Director

This role is one of my aspirations to work in near future. I have been working on IT industry for 21 years on different roles and I have invested on learning about strategy for so long, as this strategic view of the work enabled me to succeed on my duties. The title name? it could … Read more