Adapt tasks to biorhythms

Are you a early person or a late person? I’m early person, so this is because I try to do all important things in the morning. Read and write are tasks that I use to perform in the first hours of the day. I make the most of time doing this. Second part of the … Read more

Change Freeze

This period of inactivity is established to protect the IT infrastructure, application and/or other business activities from any change activity that may undermine its stability and operation. For instance, during Christmas that there is a lot of staff on holidays and each time more and more companies agree this type of stops. In addition service … Read more

About the important and urgent things

Once of the PMO we are working has a lot of tasks to do. The type of workload is this typical level of things to do that makes that you can be working 24 hours for the next 5 months and after that, you will have the feeling that you need other 5 months to … Read more

Web Trainings

This week I have assited to a Web training where all participants connect to different virtual places with Sametime and with the phone. The course was composed by 2 teams: red & blue. Once a explanationwas finished, we have to change to our team room in order to do the exercises. After that, we check … Read more

Scheduling in age of Complexity (by Mosaic)

One of the recommendations well described in the previous commented paper: “…If the worker beleives an activity’s duration is reasonable even if it’s optimistic and the person remains properly motivated, they will change their behaviour to achieve the strech target and consequently change the outcome…” About the role of the schedule in a project: “The … Read more

Organizing my Time

This week I have accumulated 26 hours of scheduled meetings. It beats the amount number of hours I can handle to deliver my work properly. At this moment, I think 20 hours is a good number, less than 15 hours means I’m not attending the team or the clients and more than 20 means “you’re … Read more

Who is behind the project?

I work planning the future all the time, not only when I’m working on a project, I love to trace the vision about the reactions of a client, how the people feel in the team, how people are tracing their proffesional careers. I suppose that almost everybody in these kind of positions do it. Sometimes … Read more

Liquid Planner Tool

Reading PMThink! I have discovered this tool: liquidplanner, it has allowed me to discover how a tool facilitates the management of the concepts handled in this kind of management. I like: It’s a SaaS and all its advantages, It’s not only a planner, it allows you to add documentation, collaborate through discussions. Each task is … Read more