Summer time

Summer time arrives to the office and the incoming demand decrease dramatically. Suddenly you have enough time to arrive to your daily tasks and even you think you have time to do other labours !!! What can you do???

Technical Risk

The problem of security in the Lotus WSDL was fixed thanks to some of the links below and the changes we did on the server configuration. With it, this technical risk of the project is mitigated, now we have to go to the next one. These kind of risks cause usually delay in the project … Read more


You Aren’t Gonna Need It !! How many usefulness features have I developed?? and finally they never were not used! How many hours discussing about extras? The waste cannot be completely removed from the Projects and thanks to good scope definitions & deliverables I have always eliminated the most of YAGNIs, but finally there is … Read more

Close, close, close!!!

There is a moment in the software projects where you have to change the pace and the main goal of the work you are developing with the team. First, you are working in different functionalities separately and you need the team open their minds looking for technical solutions that make the project reach the defined … Read more

Sundays, great days…

What’s the best thing you can do on Sunday? Rest, run, love, travel, ride… “forget all!!!”. For me usually it’s Sunday or Saturday, which day do you have? A friend who track and field always says that as important is the training as the rest. The training cycle is composed by the training and its … Read more

Scattered brains

There are people who are able to start all kind of Projects, offerings or ideas. This start usually comes with a great motivation. After a while the responsibility assigned is delayed and you really don’t know the real reason. Finally you understand that these people really never finish anything. What to do with them?

Schedule Compresing

Once again I’m working in a Project Planning compressing the schedule due to a sponsor’s requirement about the end date. I have defined the critical path and I have changed some ‘finish to start’ activities by ‘start to start’ activities (I assume the mistake). Until then there is not a big problem. In addition I’m … Read more

One Year Ago…

One year ago somebody phoned me with a formal proposal in a new job. The situation in my position was not good due to some aspects that are not interesting now. To take this new job was a big challenge for me and my girlfriend. There was a lot of things to win and to … Read more

Decisions after the Deadline

When a decision is required of you, there is a lot of things you need to take into account: set an appropriate deadline, make your decision, and accept responsibility for the results; One of them is the time you have to take that decision. Now I’m waiting a decision from a stakeholder and I’m already … Read more