I have been trying to find correlations in terms of what have been happening during last 4 months in the US market and I found something that I need to see in deep. I added Volatility Index (^VIX) to a chart, but the figure was so bad. I did “1 minus VIX” and added to … Read more

Tradingview, using quandl data

I just discovered that you can use quandl data (from www.quandl.com) on Pine in tradingview. I have done an basic exercise with avocado. The code study(“Producer Price Index by Commodity for Farm Products: Avocados”, shorttitle=”Avocado”, precision=2) quandl_ticker = “QUANDL:FRED/WPU01110205” data = security(quandl_ticker, “D”, close) plot(data, color=green, style=line) Using the quandl() function //@version=4 study(“Producer Price Index … Read more


This platform, competes with Tradingview.com, and it comes with different features and levels of analysis of data that are interesting. I have to go a little bit deeper on the analysis of the tool and try to learn if it’s worthy than tradingview. There is a programatic way to filter companies, which is something really … Read more

Year 3, trading training Q2

Year 3 This year 3 my goal is to focus on the swing trading and the acquisition of knowledge and experience on this type of trading. This Q2 is the continuation of Q1. Year 3, Quarter 2 As usual these are the goals for this quarter, following the V2MOM model: Vision: advance on market timing trading … Read more

Coronavirus and S&P

It is the first time that I have a situation like this while studying indicators like these ones, so I am going to document what is going on. The starting snapshot 4 weeks after the historical highest SPX when was at 3400 points this is what happens. Initial view The McClellan oscillator seems to decrease … Read more

The Dividend Investing Resource Center

This is a must link I am using since some time, and I wanted to keep it outside of my laptop. https://www.dripinvesting.org/Tools/Tools.asp I love the excel with the updated data, specially: The table of changes of the major dividend players, specially those that are “out” of the dividend kings or aristocrats lists. The fact that … Read more

Robinhood App is down

Today, March 2nd 2020 Robinhood application is down. One interesting day to trade as volumes are up, so I cannot do it. Yes, fees are small, and they are covered by the acceptance of the terms of use, but by this reason I operate with this broker only the R&D portfolio.


I started this positions some months ago, I read about the company, about the valuation and how things were running in the sector, so I decided to open a long position on it. After some months with 3 long events the margin was so bad that was over the limit to the protection of my … Read more