Kodify.net + pine script

This place is the best source of help I found for learning details and reviewing examples of Pine Script code for tradingview indicators and strategies: https://kodify.net/tradingview-programming-articles/ (For my poor memory)

tradingview pine limit

I am trying to write a script on Pine (related to a Tradingview strategy) where I want to use the series and take the previous value or past values to make a set of operations. Something as: a = if(Alerta1[-1] == 5, 10,0) the pine script is saved without error, but during the execution, an … Read more

Value Line Geometric Index

The american market (I focus on S&P 500) has recuperated 40% of the value since March where it touch the minimum value. It’s an impressive “come back” while the macro economy data is showing terrible numbers about unemployment, consumption, industrial production…. The economy and the market are driving themselves in the opposite direction. So, so … Read more

Fundsmith annual shareholder meeting 2020

I discovered this shareholders meeting last year and I was willing to review it in detail. Below some notes. First 33 minutes is the formal presentation, after that Q&A. The link to the letter to shareholders: https://www.fundsmith.co.uk/docs/default-source/analysis—annual-letters/annual-letter-to-shareholders-2019.pdf?sfvrsn=6 Minute #10: Why they sold 3M on the one hand, 3M sold its ceramic bulletproof business unit at … Read more

Market Opening checklist

This is a checklist of things to review once just before and after the market is opened. Before market opens (9:15 ET) Check S&P and Nasdaq futures indexes. Previous day closing, Market breadth check, McClellan indicator. How is Europe going on? Check DAX. Check DIX and GEX Index in squeeemeetrics, from previous day. EUR/USD trend. … Read more

System: Carter MA 8 – 21

Abstract In his book “Mastering the trade”, John Carter proposes a simple system based on the moving averages of 8 and 21. I have implemented the basis of this system and I have changed some behaviors: I added the Squeeze momentum indicator to filter the positive trend and reduce the draw downs. I have not … Read more

Backtesting tips

I do this list of tips so I review before I do some back-testing analysis. main questions (from John Bogle) What is the rationale or hypothesis? What is the empirical evidence? What are the implementation results? Tips to remind Do a test of your system with 2008. If you look for correlation, you probably will … Read more

Cboe SKEW Index (“SKEW”)

Introduction to SKEW Index The Cboe SKEW Index (“SKEW”) is an index derived from the price of S&P 500 tail risk. It’s similar to Volatility Index (VIX). The primary difference between the VIX and the SKEW is that the VIX is based upon implied volatility round the at-the-money (ATM) strike price while the SKEW considers implied volatility of out-of-the-money (OTM) … Read more

SPX Vs DIX 2020 follow-up

I have started to follow-up the Dark Index Vs SPX, as one of the indicators I follow during the decisions. Right now it’s in test mode, as I have to learn about what happens and see if I can build some type of correlation that contributes in a positive way to my trading actions. So, … Read more