SalesForce Vs SharePoint

I have personal aversion on SharePoint and special appreciation on SalesForce. Why? I like the things done in the right way. SalesForce has a strong and aggressive “sales force”, and this is something I do not like too much, but they have a very good product. Their platform is built with a clear projection on … Read more

SharePoint templates

Coming back to SharePoint world after one month without thinking on it. Some necessary research about resources that potentially can enable us to advance in the construction of real solutions for our client. Source: The most interesting for me are: Manufacturing Process Management The Manufacturing Process Management application template helps teams to model and … Read more

2010 SPS Farm Report

A tool to remind, the 2010 SharePoint Server Farm Report tool provides you information available that helps you to understand the complete configuration of your farm. From the link: “This is a 64-bit executable that relies on .NET Framework 3.5. This assembly can only run on x64 Windows operating systems where SharePoint Foundation 2010, … Read more


Microsoft provides the Microsoft SharePoint Online Code Analysis Framework (MSOCAF) to customers for use in analysing custom solutions, testing the deployment of the custom solutions, and submitting them for installation in the SharePoint Online environment. What is your experience using it? Which valuable information provides it to you? Is there some negative aspect of using … Read more

From Access to SharePoint

Today I learnt you can move an Access database to SharePoint. You could do that since so much time ago!!! … I’m sure… but I learnt it today. SharePoint provides a service (named Access Service) that allow us to share and publish Access DBs in a web environment. This service is able to build a … Read more

Lesson 5, the limit between your application and the SharePoint product

For sure you implement an E2E solution for your client but there is a limit in all of this. For instance, we have faced infinite and recurring discussions about relative links. In this project, the documentation stored in the solution has been linked with relative links, so once that it’s exported and sent to auditors, they … Read more

Lesson 2, SharePoint is not Lotus Notes!

Our customer comes from Lotus Notes, they still have it. They are used to have everything they want as they want: I want a button here,…I want an specific work-flow there, I want this specific security in this corner of the screen…. We agreed to do not use Visual Studio, just SharePoint developer. The budget … Read more

Lesson 1, how is SharePoint behaviour

We received yesterday the acceptance of the first SharePoint project I have being involved with the customer I provide services. It has been an important experience for me in all terms. I have a list of lessons learned in my mind that I cannot even write. But I will try to do a polite short … Read more

Configuring Reporting Services for SharePoint 2010 Integration

This is the basic information to use the SSRS integrated in SharePoint, interesting reading for learning. I have to ask about how the Report Server Database exactly works, there are so much things without answer in my mind. Other important thing to be clarify: let’s talk about performance!! The business case I have on … Read more