Your Client is in the Decision Making Process

You have been working on a pilot during some months, you worked hard on the presentations, you did a ROI study, you have explained the Project approach and all the details, the meetings were fluent and all opinions and comments were positive.

Suddenly, after to agree the initiation of the contract process, the client start having some doubts due to s/he has heard comments about problems in the User Support after the deployment or problems related to performance, future changes or other negative comments that has heard from other colleagues.

What can you do then?

First I usually ask the customer what are the concerns s/he has understanding the problem and getting clear what is the main obstacle/s that have changed from the optimism to the negativism.

After that analyse how to explain the concerns, prepare and put forward your arguments, you need to ask for other worries or doubts about what happen.

To get a third opinion sometimes is useful, sometimes no.

The decision making takes time, so you need to take into account it. If you know what is the timing of your customer’s internal approvals you will have an advantage.

What else do I need?

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