What the clients expect from our service?

We are providing IT services at application level to our customers.

This has been the typical IT Service where earned value has always measure with the # of resolved items divided between # hours charged to the budget.

After to do a big internal work on the resources to point their attention on the business I have been able to enable some kind of information in the monthly reports.

Since some time ago, I have added to these reports (I still cannot remove the numbers) the added value to the business: calendar with their business events related to applications supported by us, which business processes have been improved with our preventive actions, a list of new improvements with their business added value…

the feedback…?

Mainly the change has been seen as positive by the proactive sense of it. But from this point, the reaction to this change in our service support has been different.

The positive: they understand the positive effect of this methods to their business and understand that the cost at large term is low for them due to the continuous adaptation to their business without a big investment. They mentioned they are happy to see real vigilance on their processes.

The negative: they only see over cost, they only want we work on corrective actions.

Then, has this new information change the vision of the service by the customer?

No, their objectives continue being the same, but the added value has been a general increase in the level of confidence in our relationship.

As if that’s nothing!

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