How Dubai has managed its communications

This weekend I was reading different articles about the financial problems appeared in Dubai.

If you remember the what happened in Bangkok construction turmoil, then you know what I talk about.

The interesting issue mentioned in some of the articles about the Dubai finance disruption is the way the communication has been performed.

They provide the communication of the financial hole in a brief communication a day before thanksgiving and a Muslim day where the marketplace is closed. Apart of the evident financial problem, some voices have also shown some criticism about the lack of communications existing from the government: suddenly the recognition of a different scenario with respect the situation of stability shown some days before, the communication media utilized to perform the communication and the day selected to do it.

Being a little bit hypocritical: the analyst says: “How Dubai pretends to be the financial center of middle-east with the transparency they show?”. Ok, these are the same analysts that blamed on wall street and other market places about the financial turmoil we are living. Other interesting thing has been the fact that Abu Dhabi (the big brother) has communicated officially that they are going to help Dubai about this issue, but studying case by case.

But my question in these cases is always the same: who took the money 2 minutes before the news and run?

At the end of the day, everything stays at the same point: Dubai has their own way of making business. Don’t you like it? Ok go to other market to have less risk and less profit.

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