Sierra de Grazalema

During these 2 weeks in Cádiz my main activity has been work, work and work. Finally on 24th I had the chance to a trip: My friends were going to explore with the mountain bikes around Grazalema, so I thought it was a good chance to do a trip running and walking.

To run alone on the mountains is special by so many reasons and in this case I know very well this place. The round was like this.

  • From El Boyar to Benaocaz, 1:15, around 9 kms.
  • From Benaocaz to Casa Dornajo, 1:05, around 6 kms.
  • From Casa Dornajo to Charca verde: 1:00. Just around 2 kms, the climb part was here and some difficult parts.
  • From Charca verde to El Endrinal, 50 minutes around 3 kms.
  • From Endrinal to Camping Grazalema, 10 minutes, 1 km.
  • From Camping Grazalema to El Boyar, 20 minutes, 2,6 km.

Total, around 24 kms and 4:40.

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