Playing to management, basic principles

Some basic reminder for young people:

  1. Never work at risk. First contract approved, then work on it.
  2. Play to defensive management game, it means: plan, assess risks & perform actions.
  3. Do not play gambling with the customer.
  4. Do not commit you, your team or your organization to something you cannot deliver.
  5. You have a team: lead it and make it works.
  6. Does your customer have a good business case? does s/he has budget?
  7. Business requirements are always different to things you can propose: the proposal phase is the place to clarify it.
  8. Manage your priorities, so do a list.
  9. You can’t manage what you can’t measure
  10. Never lose perspective. Almost all problems can be solved gaining perspective.
  11. Discover your management style, work aligned to it and improve it.
  12. Leave it when you stop enjoying it.


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