I always was curious about Cobol. I manage one easy application with a good team doing service support for a Cobol batch application, so there is not challenge that I was required to face.

But with this new customer I’m working they have a big application with the possibility of implementing projects on it and it is inviting me to get into more details to get these projects.

This is forcing me to learn things: good!! Starting from basis:

  • Work on batch or Cobol on-line
  • Work directly on Cobol or using Telon.
  • Moving code directly to the environment, using endeavor or implement.
  • Building Job Control Language (JCLs).
  • It can run under IBM z/OS, Unix,
  • There are platforms as Microfocus that enable to deploy Cobol applications on Windows.

One tricky question you can do to a candidate with more than 13 years experience: what are the challenges faced during the Year 2000 problem?


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