What to Look for When Selecting a MDM solution

Are you looking for a MDM Solution? Read   this report.

Master Data Management, is a common nightmare in the companies. It is the compound of processes, applications and data that works focused on a common purpose: to have a common repository of common data to offer it the other business units and IT applications.

MDM enables the companies to create a single source of records or systems of records that prevent multiple versions of the same master data..talend_logo

Talend offers Open Source solutions, mainly in the big data sector.

I have seen the MDM solution and before of going into the solution I found  this report that reviews:

  • Business Drivers of MDM: increase revenue, reduce costs of operations, compliance commitments.
  • Next-Generation MDM: MDM as service, multi-domain solutions, cloud.
  • Keys to a Successful MDM Deployment
  • Choosing the Right Solution for MDM
I like the section where it reviews the keys to a successful MDM implementation.
  • MDM solution that can handle multiple domains on a single set of technology and hardware.
  • MDM solution that offers a broad set of data integration connectors out of the box.
  • MDM solution that offers flexible deployments, such as MDM on premises, in the cloud and as a service.
  • MDM solution that supports all architectural styles: registry, consolidation, coexistence, centralized and hybrid
  • Predictable pricing and licensing model that scales as your MDM solution is rolled out.
  • MDM solution that can scale horizontally and vertically

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